The Committee for the Moral Defence of... what?

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Here is a link to `The Center For The Moral Defense Of Capitalism' (sic.). If Capitalism is so great, how come it needs moral defence? Visit,, and [1] to read the opinions of some complete wackos. This won't help you find the answer to that question, but it might make you laugh. Oops.

Why is this page here? Or, why don't I link straight to the Moral Defense of Microsoft Site? Answer: because some people might think I believed in this crap. No way.

Feel free to subvert capitalism by copying these images and putting them up everywhere. You can link to this page, use this page's text, use some other text, whatever. Let's be building the new economy now, shall we? Or shall we go back to the Stone Age and join the `Objectivists'?

If you want to link to this page, its URL is; the link will get you a random image from those above.

Surely `.org' is for non-profit making institutions, not the sort of thing these people are espousing?

Text and images donated into the public domain, 1999 by Chris Lightfoot.