Selective vocabulary

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Welcome to the brave new world of selective vocabulary: where members of trades unions are `wreckers', advertisements are `infotainment', text is `content' and content is `king'[1]; and people who break the copyright law are, ludicrously, `pirates':

Actual pirates... Copyright `pirates'...
board ships by use of force, killing or injuring passengers and crew members, occasionally selling same into slavery; cause no physical harm;
steal ships and their cargoes, selling them for profit and depriving their original owners of the benefit of same; don't deprive anyone of anything;
have been a serious problem for commerce from the first time anyone put to sea carrying a blunt instrument; don't present a real problem and are a recent invention of the `content' industry;
are very active in the South China Sea; may not even be able to swim;
may be deterred by high pressure water hoses and naval escorts; won't be deterred by pathetic attempts at `digital rights management';
are occasionally sanctioned by governments, as in the case of `privateers' during the Napoleonic wars. are occasionally sanctioned by large corporations, as when News Corporation paid a lab to forge a rival pay TV station's authentication cards.

Not that you'd notice.

Copyright (c) 2002 Chris Lightfoot. All rights reserved.