Chieftain tank: an ideal tool for dealing with USENET weenies

Oh no, they're at it again

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(An apology is probably in order here: this is in large part a deeply technical rant, which will probably bore you. Part of the reason for its appearance here is so that I can quote its URL the next time it looks like I might get bogged down in another tedious USENET message-header flame war. The best that can be said for these things is that they keep people safely off the streets.)

(In the true spirit of USENET, extracts from actual articles below are reproduced without the permission of their authors.)

Me: Has anyone the answer to the following question?

USENET weenies [as one]: The headers of your article are incorrectly formatted!

Me [sighing]: No they're not.

[Fade to red.]

To summarise with a well-worn phrase: if you can't get a life -- or believe that you already have one -- at least get a clue. And if you're not going to contribute, don't bother to flame. On a lighter note, caricatures!

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