7 August, 2003: Peter Cuthbertson is an ignorant lying brat

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(This really oughtn't to be of interest to anybody, but the title should look good in Google....)

Never wrestle with a pig.

You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.

Tory boy web logger Peter Cuthbertson, whose idiotic post on immigration I mentioned earlier has now deleted comments I made to his weblog with which he disagreed -- less than twelve hours after saying,

I don't edit away debates as you seem to think

Since he's quick to see hypocrisy in others, I thought it might be useful to document this. Here are four copies of the comment transcript showing Peter's editing in sequence: 1; 2; 3; 4.

Sad, really. But then this is the same person who believes that an international lobby of homosexuals is conspiring against civil rights, that Augusto Pinochet was an alright bloke, and that eeeevil foreigners are organising to overwhelm the country by voting for the Euro in a referendum -- the same person, indeed, who makes the age-old mistake of believing that copyright infringment is theft, doesn't know what fair dealing is, and believes that it's sensible to assign copyright in his web log to his internet service provider! (`` Copyright 2002-2003 Re4lity & Peter Cuthbertson'' -- see bottom of cached page in case he acquires an ounce of sense and changes it.)

I wonder if his work appears as a net asset or a liability on Re4Lity's balance sheet?


Apparently, I am a `blogroach'. I should thank ignorant lying brat Peter Cuthbertson for exposing me to another neologism from the sordid cesspit of right-wing `debate' on the Internet.

(I note in passing that -- whereas above I say that the ignorant lying brat assigned the copyright in his work to his ISP, he says that,

Re4lity is my very fine host, not my ISP.

-- if, as he implies, they don't `provide' a `service' on the `Internet', you have to wonder what he's paying them for. Oh well, it's quite obvious that Peter doesn't know much about this whole inter-web-thingy.)

More updates

Peter is still deleting comments from his weblog. It's almost as if he's establishing a pattern of behaviour. Yesterday, Pete (no relation!) posted,


Thats a very intriguing comment. Here Chris alleges that you are lying about deleting his posts and he has four grabs of your site at different times with his comments variously going missing.

Now assuming you are right that you don't edit comments out of the page then it's reasonable to assume that this comment won't go missing, and therefore to demonstrate that I've taken a grab of your page and put it up here.

However, I'm inclined to believe that Chris has a point because I recall seeing his comment that began ``Oh dear. Peter is still deleting my comments. How dull of him.'' yesterday afternoon when I was browsing your site -- around 5.30pm. That comment is no longer here.

Of course, if you remove my comment from this page I'll have documented evidence that you do in fact delete posts you don't like.

Needless to say, ignorant lying brat Peter Cuthbertson has removed the comment -- apparently, even in small quantities, the truth hurts.

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