28 December, 2003: Cometh the hour...

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I think that we should all be prepared to help out British Industry whenever it's going through a sticky patch. Now is just such a time; here's my offer of help:

Director of Human Resources,
1100 Daresbury Park,

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Position of Chairman of BNFL

I understand from recent reports in the press (The Times, 22 December 2003, etc.) that BNFL is to appoint a new chairman. Could I recommend myself for the rôle? I have no prior experience of the nuclear industry -- according to reports, the position requires none -- but I have visited Sellafield twice and was once turned down for a summer placement job by AWE plc. I am sure that I can spare the one day per week and the £165,000 per annum would certainly come in handy. I can supply a CV and references on request.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Lightfoot

That said, I expect them to hire somebody even less qualified than me. After all, I've never driven an industry into the ground, but in all likelihood they'll hire somebody who is to failing companies as a guillotine is to a headache.

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