12 July, 2004: Spam wonderful spam (again)

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(This may as well be filed under `pointless graph update', in fact.) First the good news: the amount of spam I'm getting (by an extraordinary leap let's assume that this is true of the amount of spam other people get, so that this is of any possible interest to other people) seems to be increasing only linearly (and not, for instance, exponentially).

And now the bad news: it's increasing at a rate a bit more than 1.1 (spams/day)/day, so that a year from now I should expect to be receiving 400 spams/day more than I am now:

Spam trends

Related news: Microsoft Windows viruses are still a minor pain in the arse, but nothing compared to fucking idiots who send `virus-warning' error messages to forged addresses:

All mail

(Another slightly surprising observation from the above is that there does not appear to be any significant `seasonal' component to the rate at which spam arrives in my inbox. That is, the average number of spams I get on a Monday is pretty close to the number I get on a Tuesday, Wednesday or indeed any other day of the week. This suggests that spammers, in aggregate, don't take any days off. Serves the fuckers right, quite frankly.)

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