14 September, 2004: If you answer incorrectly...

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... then THE TERRORISTS will win. Since my last quiz was quite successful, here's another (shorter and easier) one:

Which of the below people is one of THE TERRORISTS?

Dave Pyke Joe Privetera Luis Posada Carriles
Dave Pyke Joe Privetera Luis Posada Carriles
Dressed as `Robin' from `Batman', Dave Pyke gives an interview outside Buckingham Palace shortly before his arrest for involvement in a protest by pressure group Fathers 4 Justice. Joe Privetera, protesting against torture by US forces in Iraq, outside an army recruiting center in Boston in the United States. An old photo of Carriles, who was imprisoned in Venezuela for murdering 73 people in a 1976 airliner bombing; he's also implicated in six hotel bombings in 1997, and in an attempt to murder a famous head of state. He was recently pardoned and released from prison.

As with the estimation quiz, it's pretty easy to cheat on this one. So don't.

Answers (with reasons) in the comments, please.

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