21 November, 2004: Pointless time

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I can't be bothered to write anything interesting, so instead a brief ``'blogiversary'' post. Unfortunately it isn't a round number of years or months or whatever since my first post, so instead, here's to celebrate 81,000,000 seconds since I started this web log....

Naturally, no post this pointless would be complete without a graph:

Rates of posting

or two:

Times of posting

and a table of statistics of equally limited value:

Quantity Value
number of posts 276
number of words written 141,675
number of graphs plotted ~200
number of holiday photos posted to compensate for boring posts about ID cards fewer than you might think
number of comments left 624
... by people other than me 451
number of threats of litigation received 8
number of actual lawsuits taken out against me 0

Next week I'll write a real post about ID cards or opinion polls or something. Meanwhile, have a nice weekend.

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