11 May, 2005: Filthy lucre

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OK, it's time for another blatant plug, I'm afraid, and this time I'm asking for money. But it's not money for me (you are of course welcome to buy me books if you like). If, like me, you're one of those people who don't switch off the news, it may have come to your attention that life in the third world can suck pretty badly. Unlike most of us, Engineers Without Borders are doing something about this; I strongly encourage any of my half-dozen readers who can to sign up to donate 10 towards this project to fix solar panels and build clinical waste incinerators at a number of rural health clinics in Suriname. (More here on EWB's own site.)

(Of course, I'm also, completely cynically, asking you to help us test PledgeBank as a fundraising tool. Imagine us, if you like, as a bunch of heartless technocrats, exploiting others' good intentions to get some software tested for free. That's right: we're an evil dairy. But please don't let that stop you helping out.)

Sorry -- no graph this time. Also, if you didn't get the `evil dairy' reference, I should Heartily Endorse That Mitchell and Webb Sound, a splendid recent Radio 4 comedy series.

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