13 June, 2005: Me Help You Help Them

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Firstly, apologies for not having posted anything for a while. My time has mostly been taken up with work, curling up in a little ball and weeping about the antics of our glorious leaders, and sundry other early-summer activities. And secondly, apologies for this post just being another boring plug, this time for PledgeBank, the latest mySociety project, which launches today.

PledgeBank is designed to solve what I'm told are called `collective action problems' -- things that you want to do, but can only get done if enough other people will help. Why go out on a limb and say you'll do something difficult or expensive or embarrassing if you don't know whether enough other people will turn up to make it worthwhile? Anyway, PledgeBank is designed to help you get around that problem by letting people sign up to say they'll take part, and telling you when enough people have done so for your plan to succeed. Go and check the site out....

This is also one of those rare occasions when work and displeasure collide: I Heartily Endorse NO2ID's pledge, which reads,

I will refuse to register for an ID card and will donate 10 to a legal defence fund but only if 10,000 other people will also make this same pledge.

-- sign up by following that link or by texting `pledge refuse' to 60022 on any mobile.

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