15 June, 2005: Let's hope he trusts experience and employs EDS again

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I shouldn't do this --

By keeping tabs on everyone we make our world a better place

I promised myself that I wouldn't just use this to link to things on the internets,

A plastic panacaea for the problems of our populace

no matter how good they are

Thus Britain's streets will once again become a bold utopia

-- but this is really very, very fine.

Our freedom will be guaranteed (so long as they know where we are)

In fact, I think I'd go so far as to say it's splendid.

Each card will be a testament to our great nation's unity
We'll flash our cards with pride at each and every opportunity
In fact without one you'll a become practical nonentity
It is the card that proves you have a notional identity!

Vote Labour!

Update: Don't vote Labour.

Update #2: I should probably link to this, too.

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