14 September, 2005: Miscellany

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So, no real content, but some links, divided according to invented tradition


Sam Smith, Matthew Somerville and others have built two excellent new mySociety sites: YourHistoryHere, a contributor database for local historical trivia (and who doesn't like trivia, even if it brings out the old codger in people?); and Placeopedia, a site which invites you to associate articles in Wikipedia with their geographical locations.

It turns out that the mindless task of clicking on stuff, finding out whether it's in Wikipedia, and then adding it to a list is surprisingly addictive; at least, that's my excuse for the breadth and pointlessness of my contributions to the latter site. Anyway, I hope this will not put you off submitting numerous valuable contributions.

Both of these, of course, use Google Maps to do their stuff (if I had an MBA, I would probably use the word `leveraged' about now). So I suppose Google Maps is splendid too... nice interface, but if you ask me its maps are actually a bit rubbish (what sort of map doesn't mark a railway station, for fuck's sake?).

(If, by the way, you are in London on Thursday evening, and are at a loose end, do come along to a mySociety and TheyWorkForYou drinks party at The Narrowboat, in Islington, from 1900h. I fully expect that this will be splendid too.)

Also, I hear there was some cricket thing on, and we won.


Some bunch of anonymous tossers have managed to force John Band to shut down his web log. Bastards.


Rather disappointingly, I've forgotten what I was going to put in this category. Anyway, since it's now past two in the morning, I'm off to bed. Night night, all!

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