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Consolidate is a console server. It connects to a terminal, or runs a program in a pseudoterminal or on the other end of a socketpair, and captures its output in a log file. It also (optionally) lets clients connect to the terminal, via a second program called conclient. Any number of users can share access to the terminal. Connected clients can change the configuration of the terminal (baud rate, parity and so forth); this configuration information is remembered between invocations of consolidate.

Consolidate comes with a simple daemon which will run a consolidate process for each of a number of serial ports or processes specified in a configuration file. This is handy for (for instance) logging output from and offering access to the consoles of a number of computers.

You might want to use consolidate (or something like it) if you need to,

Consolidate is at a pretty early stage of development. Right now, it's only been tested on Linux, but it's a POSIX program which uses the standard termios interface, so with any luck it should build elsewhere. The client program, conclient, needs perl, but it would be easy to rewrite in C.

You can also read the change log or the man pages for consolidate, consolidatemgrd, or conclient .

Get consolidate

Either download consolidate-0.3.tar.gz or use my public CVS server:

cvs -d login
cvs -d co consolidate

The password is `anonymous'.

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