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Well, here it is, for what it's worth: (you might want to look at a note on licensing, or at a more concise listing)

Make your (*ix) environment complete

You can get a tarball of several of these utilities, complete with Makefile and a couple of extra goodies: useful.tar.gz.

Cliffs, between Cromer and West Runton, north Norfolk


Bulldozer, parked on a lane, north Norfolk.

Actually useful (if you like that sort of thing)

Road sign, warning of toads, West Runton, north Norfolk

And now, a special for those of you who are still using Microsoft Windows

A note on licensing

If a program you download from this site doesn't come with an explicit license, you should probably assume that I believe it too trivial to assign an actual license to; you may indulge me by thinking `GPL in intent, public domain in reality': i.e., if you find the program useful, and give it to your friends, they ought to get the source code too -- and, if you improve it, I'd like a copy of what you've done. I am not going to pretend that this is enforceable or claim that it should be enforced even if it could be.

Larger pieces of software -- tpop3d and so forth -- are licensed under the GNU GPL.

I'm not going to bore you with a rant about the Freshmeat my-first-shell-script syndrome which leads morons -- especially USENET morons -- to claim that their half-baked scripts and four line code examples ought to be subject to the restrictions of a full license, but instead I suggest, as a more subversive take on all this, reading Dan Bernstein's opinions on software licensing.

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