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This is a more concise list of the software on my site.

Name Platform Description
affinity Win32 Run a program giving as arguments the CPUs on which it should run; useful only on multiple-CPU machines.
bfilter POSIX Bayesian spam filter.
consolidate POSIX Console server.
cwp POSIX Copy data, displaying an indication of progress.
dissociate POSIX `Dissociated press' text mangling.
driftnet POSIX Invade the privacy of others by capturing images and MPEG audio from network traffic. POSIX (maybe other perl platforms) Update a record in the dynamic DNS database.
dyndns POSIX, BIND Simple implementation of a dynamic-DNS service.
edit as text Win32 Add an `Edit as Text' option to the context menu for a file in Microsoft Windows.
eq POSIX, LaTeX Use LaTeX to render an equation into a PNG file.
evencolumns any (perl) Reformat a data file so that all the columns line up.
f90format POSIX Simple and broken `pretty-printer' for FORTRAN-90.
findpromisc Linux Exploit an old kernel bug to discover Linux hosts listening on promiscuous mode on a network. Now only of historical interest.
fwdmail POSIX Send mail with a blank (<>) return path.
getr4listing POSIX Retrieve today's schedule of programmes on BBC Radio 4 and turn them into a text listing.
gh POSIX GREP with highlighting.
headlines Perl A simple RSS aggregator.
htmlise POSIX (standard ISO C) Format plain text as HTML, including tables, lists, headings and so forth.
ifl POSIX (patch for links) Implements an `I'm Feeling Lucky' pseudo-protocol for the web browser links.
iftop POSIX Paul Warren's program to show bandwidth usage on a network.
ipcountry POSIX A utility to map IP addresses to country names.
landscapes POSIX, mainly Some landscape-generation experiments.
make files POSIX The make files used to build pages in this site.
matilda POSIX Stifle the whining of cron jobs until they have failed consistently for a long time.
mkcdcover any (perl) Produce a CD-case insert from a text track listing.
new POSIX Generate new files of various types from built-in templates.
ngmlstat POSIX Produce statistics on traffic on newsgroups and mailing lists.
nkill POSIX Kill processes by name not PID.
patches for OpenSSH POSIX Old patches for OpenSSH to implement client keepalives, bandwidth accounting and other stuff.
photo album scripts POSIX Scripts for managing photograph albums and extracting pictures from a Samsung Digimax camera.
Pod Game Win16 Ancient and difficult Microsoft Windows arcade game.
popexpire POSIX Remove old messages from a POP3 server.
proxy POSIX Simple TCP proxy.
pstojpeg POSIX Render Postscript into JPEG files.
rcstocvs POSIX Import RCS projects into CVS repositories.
rdate for Win32 Win32 Implementation of rdate (remote date) for Microsoft Windows computers.
rpld Linux James McKenzie's server to netboot RPL (`Remote Initial Program Load') clients.
sigflip POSIX (maybe Win32) Generate random email signatures from a list of quotes.
smscemulator POSIX (maybe other perl platforms) Absolute minimum emulation of an SMSC which speaks the UCP protocol; easily extensible.
sp POSIX Split a file into sections by regular expression.
status-page Linux (CGI) Status graphs for your computer.
timeshift Linux Dynamic shared object which may be used via LD_PRELOAD to alter an existing program's view of the time of day.
tlsproxyd POSIX Proxies TLS/SSL connections through to unsecured servers.
tpop3d POSIX Fast, extensible, secure POP3 server.
trackback Perl Send Movable-Type-style `trackback pings' from the command line.
umtp POSIX Send short mail messages over simple a UDP protocol.
unface POSIX Display X-Face images on a text terminal.
vmail-sql POSIX, exim Virtual-domains email setup using MySQL.
vpn-udp Linux Implement virtual private networks by encapsulating IP data encrypted in UDP packets.
vscvs POSIX `Virtual server' layer for CVS pserver.
Wave To Disk Win32 Capture audio data from Microsoft Windows programs.
xdata POSIX Manipulate key/value data from shell scripts and perl programs, and synchronise it between hosts.

Copyright (c) 2003 Chris Lightfoot. All rights reserved.