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I've been told that I should put a link to my web log right at the top of my page, so that people see it immediately.

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A tidy desk is the sign of an untidy mind A photograph containing me

Good! You appear to be in the right place

In order to satisfy my thousands of demanding fans, I have finally bowed to the inevitable and put up on my website a photograph containing myself. However, you will have to guess which one of the people in the photograph is me (clue: I do not have red hair). Also note that this photograph was taken some considerable time ago. (Thanks to James Fairbairn for the picture. You may also wish to look at a note about photographs.)

The picture on the left shows an untidy desk.

Self-portrait, traced from photograph

Original Fiction

And no, I don't mean The Newspaper. Here are some short stories I've written over the years.

Ruined castle, Skye

Read a Book!

Some books I can recommend.

The Committee for the Moral Defence of... what?

Or, subverting capitalism by taking the piss out of objectivists.

Dance Dance Convolution?

Software and other you-should-get-out-more type stuff

I'm at a loss to imagine why you might want any of this stuff, but people sometimes do. It's mostly perl scripts and quite command-line oriented (but that's a good thing, really). There's also tpop3d, the extensible POP server with the unimaginitive name and frightening variety of file-locking options; vmail-sql, a way to combine the 1960s horror of Internet SMTP email with the 1970s horror of relational databases; xdata, which complicates shell scripting by introducing it to DBM databases; driftnet, an automated invasion of privacy; and the quotes which get appended to my emails (and if you're interested in those, you should instead see Am I Sig Or Not?).

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